Initiatives using sortition are springing up all over the world:

  • Equality by lot (EN) which aggregates the different actors discussing about sortition.
  • Demorun (FR) emerging from an original initiative started in Reunion Island.
  • Sortition Foundation (EN) an NGO that tries to regroup the different initiatives around sortition.
  • Ateliers constituants (FR) which aim to rewrite the French constitution using sortition.
  • Democracy without elections (EN) an American initiative that wants to use sortition to create a new House of Representatives.
  • Parsort (FR) an association spreading the use of sortition in multiple domains
  • A Nous la démocratie (FR) party without a political affiliation which foster participative democracy

This list is of course not exhaustive and hopefully in constant evolution. Feel free to add new links in your comments.