Our association offers tools to collectives to help them streamline interactions and to facilitate their organization. We called a first tool the rotating moderation. Discussions within groups are already often moderated often explicitly or implicitly, here we propose to rotate the role of moderation at regular time intervals. This interval is fixed at the start of the meeting, typically a quarter of an hour, and can be shortened if the person in charge wants to end their mandate. The role then rotates clockwise in a face-to-face meeting or in alphabetical order if you are on the internet. This corresponds to the R in APRES which is the first letter of the word rotation. We use a second tool to constitute the governing body of our association; we draw lots for the office among the members of the association. This is also one of the pillars of our association (the S for sortition in APRES). These are only the first two tools, our blog’s article justifies them and explains them in more detail but also presents others.

Methods to foster convergence. Credit: AnUnknownScientist CC-BY

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